Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Like war is peace, and ignorance wisdom...

...somehow the increase in food stamps is the fault of the Republican party

Whose policies started the Great Depression?  Hoover was the man in the seat when it started, but his policies were sabotaged by a congress that wanted protectionist laws passed, which, when FDR (a raging progressivist Democrat) did so, did nothing but lengthen the duration of the financial crunch.  Before his policies were enacted, most recessions/depressions lasted somewhere between one and three years.  The effects of the Great Depression lasted much longer--we didn't totally recover until the federal government's attention was distracted from domestic policies by WWII.

Who was it that started the War on Poverty, creating food stamps and welfare checks for bums?  Lyndon B. Johnson, a Democrat.  Meant well, he did, but what a clusterf**k.  Went totally against Franklin's admonition to make the poor uncomfortable in their poverty to help them work to leave it, and created what is now a permanent underclass. 

Honestly, the only Democrat POTUS that did anything to reverse the march of increasing entitlements was Bill Clinton, and he was pushed into signing the Welfare to Work legislation (which Obamoron rolled back, increasing the number on the dole, and decreasing the number leaving it) by a conservative majority in congress.

Yes, there is a major increase in the number of people on food stamps.  That's due entirely to the policies enacted by a congress that veered left during Bush II's time in office--hello, remember Pelosi's idiotic assertion that economic recovery would be aided by extending unemployment benefits, keeping people on their butts at home instead of working at whatever jobs they could find?--not because of any "lack" of regulation on Wall Street. 

If they really want to point fingers, then they need to realize how many fingers are pointing back at them. 


  1. Yet people still believe in BO and the Demolition Party. Years ago I decided to vote GOP and have since I was able to vote.

  2. It isn't just the Democritters, Rob, it's all the congresscritters. I just get tired of one side blaming the other for what they're both doing (just at different speeds).

    I am not a social conservative. I am not a social liberal. I simply don't care what people choose to do to themselves. I tend to lean Libertarian, but don't like Ron Paul. I want a much smaller government, with much less oversight into our everyday lives. I don't think it's anybody's business but the individual involved what they weigh, drink, do, and enjoy--behavior is between the individual and God. National infrastructure, security, currency, and anything else mentioned in Article I section 8 is all government should be involved in.

    I grew up on food stamps, welfare, and medicaid. I will do almost anything to keep my kids from having to.

    I will not hold my nose and vote for a candidate just because he claims to be a Republican, especially when his actions prove him a Democrat.


  4. OCM: I've already stated what "My choice" will be. It's over on the right, just above my blog list.