Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why I'm surprised I still attend church at all.

Listen. Look up the official video, if you like--I can't watch it.

My dad was a minister. That minister.

I seriously have no clue how in the world I kept my faith in God. God knows it made me lose my faith in several institutions set up to supposedly keep children safe and prosecute criminals.

What brought that up was thinking about the difference between the church I've chosen to attend, and churches like the one I was raised in. I wouldn't have been surprised to hear about something like this in the church I was raised in.

No way will I raise my children anywhere near beliefs like that.

If that means I'm going to to do that for doing the right thing than go to what someone else sees as heaven for something they think is right but that I know is wrong.


  1. Thank you! Someone with a "realist" look on the major flaws of religion! If it looks like poo, smells like poo. taste like poo (eeww), then its probably SHIT!

    I like this blog by the way!

  2. Thank you, sir. And thank you for serving.