Monday, June 20, 2011

Cannot say it better.

"Laws aren't just for the little people. If the government cannot be constrained by laws, then the government is invalid. Period. If I violate laws, I run the risk of fines and jail time. Just because you work in a government building doesn't shield you from that."—Robb Allen

He was talking about gun rights, state gun laws, and local gun ordinances that violate people's rights by being stricter than state or federal law; however, it applies across the board.

Now, we just have to get Congress and the TOTUS POTUS reminded of that.


  1. Nobody knows, unless I tell you, how many guns I have......

    I looked at this issue as it relates to medical marijuana.

    My 'right' to smoke marijuana legally involves various rules that have been 'established' by city, county, state and federal 'laws'.

    It's a convoluted mess--too damn many government entities

  2. It isn't just guns, "controlled" substances, eminent domain, counterterrorism laws, illegal v. legal immigration, or any other single issue that gets me angry when the politicians act like the law doesn't apply in their special situation. It's *all of the above, all at once* that proves to me that our duly elected government is careering toward illegitimate.