Friday, June 10, 2011


I heard, from a family member, one of the most horrifyingly callous abuses of the charitible natures of Joplin residents unharmed by the tornado that tore through here a bit less than three weeks ago. She and her husband were moving back to this area from one a few hours away, and had brought their kids to stay with their aunt and uncle (his brother and sister-in-law--nastier, trashier people besides my male genetic donor I have yet to meet). Last weekend, they went to pick their kids up to take them home, and their oldest daughter had this to say:

"Aunt **** didn't feel like cooking, so we went to get some free food."

Free food. As in the Red Cross food centers, and the restaurants setting up to feed victims and volunteers in their parking lots, and the people cooking in their homes for those either victimized or helping out in the aftermath of the storm. Just because she didn't feel like cooking.

Yes, that was my reaction. I am so glad I am of no relation to that person. That is not an individual I'd be allowing anywhere near my kids (and think she had no business having two of her own). That sense of entitlement is one that I've personally seen in government housing, in families where the parents aren't married because they can collect more money if they're each collecting a disability/welfare check, and both working for cash under the table. I would not want my kids growing up thinking that that sort of behavior is remotely acceptable, much less something to be imitated.

I wouldn't be in the least surprised to hear that this winner was caught looting. Except she'd never bother stirring her lard ass off of her couch.


  1. I really doubt if she is the only one in all of our disaster areas who has crashed relief lines
    who really didn't need assistance......

  2. I doubt it, too, but she's the one I heard about, and I personally know that worthless, lazy tub of lard.

    That's not the only facet of her personality that disgusts me--it's just the one that epitomizes the rest.

  3. Stuff like that makes me sick. I hope the people who actually needed food didn't get pushed out of the way by people like her.

    Sadly, I think there's a sizable segment of our population who see it as an opportunity, as "free money," as something they "deserve" and don't think about the fact that they're literally taking the food out of the mouths of people who actually need it.

    I see ads on television all the time from lawyers, that seem to imply that if you can JUST get a disability decision in your favor (and they can help) it's as good as winning the lottery.

    I think it's the "takers" that are taking this country down.