Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's really bad when the left's partisans are telling them they've gone too far.

The New York Times opinion pages--not generally known for Constitutionally-based opinion--is saying that the rape of the fourth amendment by the leftist regime that the ingnorati elected three years ago is (drum roll, please) more dangerous than any other rights violation.

via Random Acts of Patriotism


  1. This is a tough call for me......

    When cops bust in a house that a suspected child abuser is in, throw his ass in jail--only to have the judge throw the case out because they didn't have a search warrant--COPS CAN NOT WORK WITHIN A STRICT BOX OF RULES when it come to violent criminals.

    Common sense.....

  2. The problem is when the cops bust into your house because the car they were chasing stopped in between your house and your neighbors. When they don't find the guy they were after they search the place to save face and bust you an possession. The latest ruling says that is just fine.


    Give 'crime prevention' a break
    or throw in the towel for anarchy.

  4. The original compromise in this case was that if the police were actively chasing someone and they followed the person they could collect evidence to convict that person. The case that I'm talking about the police picked door number two when they should have picked door number one(bad guy in question got away from them because of that)so they took the consolation prize of busting door number two for a pot stash.

    I'm not in favor of anarchy(sometimes it is easier to not be in favor of than others), but this slope is getting a bit too slippery for my taste.

  5. Such a deal--2 different criminals busted with one stop!