Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby-rapers can fuck off.

Especially religious baby-rapers. This is revolting. A thirteen year old girl in Yemen was given in marriage to an adult, probably raped on her wedding night, and killed by her husband. No, it wasn't murder. It was because of the consummation: she suffered a rupture in her sex organs and bled to death.

And, apparently, "child brides" are extremely common in Yemen.

News flash, retards: little girls are not sized to take adult men. Of course they're going to rupture and die.

Yemeni Islamic males can fuck off and die. May their camels knock them down and sodomize them so that they can understand just how bad they've hurt the little girls they've married and raped. May they then be tied down, ass up and naked, in a prison for sexual deviants with abnormally large penises and repeatedly raped until they have a rupture that causes them to bleed to death. May their arrival in hell be gleefully met by a thousand demons with penises the size of their camels', just to keep things familiar.

And, just to make sure I'm not accused of racism, may Tony Alamo and Warren Jeffs suffer the same fate.

Since the FFOT has kind of gone on hiatus, I decided to post some of what I would have said there, here. If anyone is reading, and has a gripe, take it away in the comments.


  1. Disgusting---so what else is new with these f--king muslims!!

  2. Absolutely disgusting. I'm not real fond of 'em, either.