Friday, April 16, 2010

My FFO (or, carrying on the torch)

The federal government can FUCK the FUCKING FUCKETY FUCK RIGHT OFF. As usual.

Why this time? Because of this:

Dear Leader told us, back when he was on the campaign trail for mandatory Medicaid, he said that those of us with treatable, but non-life-threatening, painful illnesses would have to deal with the pain with suitable painkillers.

Well, you fucking moronic, fucking teleprompter-reading, fucking mouth-breathing fucking shit-for-brains, how in the FUCKING HELL are we supposed to FUCKING DO that little thing, when the ABSOLUTE FUCKWITS IN THE FUCKING D. E. FUCKING A. FUCKING CRIMINALIZE the FUCKING APPROPRIATE FUCKING TREATMENT OF FUCKING PAIN?!?

If anyone wants to rant, have at it.


  1. The only time a worry about pain is, IF I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S CAUSING IT.

    I suspect most of these 'doctors' know exactly what they are doing!

    Interesting, when I had my lumbar fusion, I had a cool thing with my IV--the old push the little button and get your own pain medication.

    By coincidence, I just saw a special on some specific problems with pain pills-

    The problem in Florida and Kentucky was/is horrific!

  2. PS

    Your rant would have been very funny on network TV--"bleep, bleep, bleep" or the classic
    sound over "friggin"!!

  3. Did you get to take your lumbar fusion thingie home with you? Probably not. And there are people who need that level of pain remediation daily, and *can't have it* without being prosecuted.

    And this rant was *mild* compared to some I've done.

  4. Actually,

    The neurosurgeon was going to give me a PAIN RX, but I declined.