Saturday, April 10, 2010


Most of the Polish leadership has been killed in a plane crash. On Russian soil. It's been blamed on fog and pilot error.

The timing and placement of this is quite suspicious, in my opinion. First of all, the trip was in commemoration of the slaughter of Poles by the Russians in WWII. It was on Russian soil. They've put Vladimir Putin in charge of investigating the causes of the crash.

This is the nation that poisoned a defector with a difficult-to-extract radioactive isotope, thallium. You know, something obvious. Designed to send a message.

This is the nation that poisoned a man running for president of one of its former satellite countries, for fear that he would try to remove his country from their oppressive sphere of influence by joining NATO. Which he tried. And failed.

The description of the crash is that the pilot was warned off, continued to try to land, suddenly accelerated, and somehow lost contact with the tower. There were no survivors.

Something is very rotten in Denmark.


  1. Another thought is when they were told to go to an alternative
    airport, the president (etal) ordered the plane to land as planned.

  2. And another, eye-witness account (which has since been silenced) suggests that the pilot had begun having issues causing him to begin dumping fuel. Not to mention that the jet was Russian owned and maintained.

    Something tells me that we won't know the truth unless and until the Russians release the raw data from the black box. They can swear that it was a total accident, completely attributable to pilot error, and I won't believe them. This has been far too convenient for them.