Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This really isn't all we should be concerned about.

According to the Associated Press, we're starting to get really frustrated over the problems we're having with Russia over the missile defense shield that we're placing in Europe to protect it against the Islamofacists who would love to nuke us, but can only reach Europe.

We shouldn't be frustrated.  We should be concerned.  Even Europe is concerned.  Then again, we could argue that that's because Russia is placing missiles on its border with Poland.  Americans who don't remember the cold war are likely making that argument as we speak.

What do they think Russia is doing in its negotiations, arms sales, and war games with Venezuela?  And again, with Cuba?

There are others in the useful idiot category that will squawk that Russia isn't the old communist USSR, that its government has changed for the better, toward Western ideals.  

Western nations don't direct their police forces to crush social unrest caused by worries over the economic crisis growing worldwide, a move that smacks of the old KGB (which, in itself, isn't surprising--Medevev is, after all, Putin's ventriloquist's dummy).

We shouldn't be frustrated that we can't come to an agreement about the missile defense shield.  We should be downright nervous.

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  1. Did the world expecting anything else after this election. Please.

    We will be tested like never before and just like Biden said within the first six months to see what the new Prez can handle.

    Tighten you belts folks we are in for a bumpy ride.