Monday, November 24, 2008

The party of compassion

This illustrates the Orwellian level of doublethink endemic in all politics. Basically, the city of New York has passed and is enforcing regulations putting churches out of the business of charity; specifically, sheltering the homeless. Kind of has to be government or nothing, with the way modern churches are funded.

This is more subtle concerning, as it does, the arguments of the rights of the newly-conceived to life, and of the potential benefits of medical research using aborted fetuses.

However well intentioned the research, though, the facts remain: someone lost his or her life to fuel research that, when used, causes cancer 100% of the time. Adult, placental, and umbilical chord blood stem cell research have already yielded cures and have the potential to yield more, without the ethical debate that embryonic stem cell research necessitates.

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