Friday, February 3, 2023

Might wanna rethink things, there, morons.

I'm gonna write this for the atheists out there.  The ones screeching about the "evils" permitted by the Judeo-Christian God.  

I want to draw to your attention, guys, how hard you've been working to destroy the culture of over a thousand years, one shaped by Christianity and based in the Mosaic laws laid out in the Bible.  It's been hard, and you've been working at it for over a hundred years, patting yourselves on the back that you're the smart ones...

You spent a hundred, hundred twenty years working to infiltrate the way we teach our children (lots of success, there), the way we socialize, the way we entertain ourselves during our leisure periods, everywhere.  You're in the stories, you run the stories.  You've taken over movies, TV, music, everything.  

You've infiltrated the churches.  I don't know how you managed that, given how much you profess to not believe in God in the first place, but you did it.  

Except.  You haven't succeeded.  Not really.  Not anywhere that culture had taken root and flourished.  

People have quit going to movies.  People have quit reading.  People have been quitting paying attention to your mouthpieces in the media.  People have been pulling their kids out of the schools and denying you access there.  

You...are flailing, trying harder to destroy things faster so that the Paradise of the Noble Savage can return to the face of the earth.  

What you fail to realize is that the savage is not, and never has been, noble.  Savages are just that: savage.  They live for the moment, and they destroy whatever they can't claim as theirs.  Savages enslave each other, savage each other.  

And they die young, of horrible things that modern medicine could have treated, if only modern medicine weren't in your sights to destroy (and, indeed, have succeeded in destroying a lot of levels of).  

And you've still failed.  Because we are working against you.  

We are those who still follow the way of The Book.  Because we know who is behind the destruction of everything God has led us to create.  

Thing is, He does create.  He reshapes things that are good into things better.  He found, four thousand years ago, a few who could still hear Him, and He led them out of a civilization built on and by savages.  He led them out, and He spent hundreds of years reshaping the culture they'd held onto.  He led them to reject the savagery, the banality, the evil of the culture of the Savage.  

It took a lot of really nasty hardship.  It took a slow, steady approach.  It took redefining cultural practices, bit by bit.  Little by little.  Incremental improvements.  Building good habits to replace the bad.  

It took a couple hundred years of slavery.  Generations of being slaves, then being freed slaves, before He could push improvements for slaves.  And honestly, redefine what slavery is, and how slaves are to be treated.  

The Mosaic laws--the laws that God handed directly to Moses on Mount Sinai--defined an entire culture.  It had to: the culture that the Israelites hung onto through generations of slavery was a foundation, but only that, and what those people had was enough for slaves, but not enough for a free nation.  The instant Moses turned his back, they fell into the idolatry and worship of the wickedness they'd been surrounded by, because they only had the foundation, not the walls, not the habits to be better.  

It took a full generation wandering in the desert for Him to build that culture in His people.  Forty years going in circles in a desert that could be walked straight across in a couple of months, because of how long it took for the new habits, new patterns of thought to be built in a people who barely had a foundation to build on.  

Before that, slavery was...well.  It made what we've been told the black slaves our Southern states held look benevolent.  The slave owner could do literally anything to his slave, including starve them to death, work them to death, or just kill them on a whim.  It never ended.  Slavery from birth to death, with death being the respite for most.  

The Mosaic laws redefined slavery: the masters were given a list of things they could not do.  The period of slavery was defined, and the masters had to offer their slaves freedom every set period of years, and had to take them in as a family pet, basically, if they refused their freedom, to ensure that they weren't thrown out as useless when they couldn't work any more.  

 Those laws set the foundation for an entire culture that rejects slavery in all its institutions.  Our culture--the Judeo-Christian American culture--has fully rejected slavery, hard.  To the point we often don't recognize chattel slavery practiced in secret in front of us. 

And that...that is the culture you atheists are denying exists, and what you aim to destroy. 

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