Monday, July 11, 2022


Well, my brain seems to be coming back online with the work on refining the dose of thyroid's hoping it stays online after the kids go back to school.  

Last week was a busy one--it started out with the holiday Monday, then I had the guy show up to look over the carport and take measurements for a bid on Tuesday.  Thursday, my mom and sister came down--my sister had an appointment that she needed help getting to on the other end of town.  I took her to that, and waited...

...and got smacked with a scene for the current work in progress.  Got two notebook pages written before my hand cramped and froze up.  And it's not the next bit of the story.  So, I'm trying to write the connecting parts before I get that transcribed and continued.

(But that's going to have to wait until the kids go to bed.  Because I get started on working on it, and I have one or the other demanding attention...)

Friday, the fridge started acting up.  Beeping five times in a row every minute or so.  And...warming up.  Ugh.  We've got two refrigerators (the old one we replaced is in the garage, acting as overflow), so Odysseus and I moved everything out of the kitchen into the garage.  And out of the freezer, too.  And we opened everything up to take a good look...and found a slab of ice clogging the thing's guts around the compressor coils.  

So, we unplugged it, and tossed towels down to catch the ice melt.  And we took the kids over and dumped 'em in Grandma's lap because she wanted them overnight.  Then Odysseus and I went out to eat for dinner...because Sunday was our eighteenth anniversary.  

He brought me coffee in bed.  

(The fridge is fine after a total defrost and restart--frost-free my ass.  But it's going to be a while before all of the stuff that needs to be in this fridge/freezer is put back in this fridge/freezer.)

Today, we got his truck taken to the dealership--there's an issue somewhere with his AC, and we've been having a normal, Missouri summer.*  He's got my car for the day.  Tomorrow, the pixie's got a piano lesson (those started back up last week); Wednesday, the kids have a doctor's appointment at 10:00 (annual well-child visit...and I'm pretty sure their doc is going to be shocked silly).  I think Grandma wants them overnight I'll take them over after their visit.  

I should be getting the second bid by email sometime between tomorrow and Friday for the carport.  First bid was...yeah, it made me wish we'd just gone ahead and done it last year when we did the new roof, but we didn't. 

(We are almost certainly going to go with the first bid...because he's not going to be messing with the roof.)

And sometime, this week, I have to squeeze in a visit to the vampires.  So that my endocrinologist can be sure my thyroid meds are in the neighborhood of correct...

Next week, I've got more testing, with the earliest available appointment.  I'm supposed to get to the center by 7:20 for a 7:40 appointment.  

After that, I've got...a couple of weeks with nothing nearly so active.  At least, nothing scheduled.  Life does happen, after all.  And it throws crap at you when you least expect more crap thrown at you. 

*First normal summer we've had in...three years?  four?  Anyway.  Missouri summers are stupidly hot and humid, with a lot of time spent close to--or in--triple digit territory, with 60-80% humidity, and the last several...have barely flirted with the high 90s.  Granted, the humidity was still normal, but the temperatures really weren't. 

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