Monday, December 27, 2021

Obligations done...time for the clean-up.

Thankfully, with the kids growing out of playing with a lot of toys, there's...a lot less clean-up involved than there has been in previous years.  Four boxes wrapped, each, and one for each adult in the family. 

There's one bag of Christmas trash, and there'll be at least one bag of trash coming out of the imp's room.  He's gotten a new CD player for Christmas.  It's supposed to be mounted on the wall.  And we need a clear path across the room (a major trick in and of itself) to a wall above an outlet. (Actually, since I don't plan on even looking at cleaning up the Hot Wheels half of his room, it may be only one bag of trash out of there). 

The cool thing about that particular CD player?  It also takes a mini-memory card.  I can take kid-appropriate music off my laptop and copy it onto that for him.   I don't have to let him take any CDs into that pig sty, or burn copies for him.  

Pixie and I have both been sick.  That makes at least one big bag of mostly-kleenex trash, as well.   

And, with having been sick for a bit over a week, and having a lot of extra obligations* and crap to worry about** making sure I got done and didn't forget about, I've fallen behind on a lot of things I'd previously managed to keep up on.  Including (but not limited to) getting some of the trash out.  

That's a start, but nowhere near all I need to do to clean up from the holiday season.  I've got about a week to go of the kids being out of school, too, so I won't be ferrying them back and forth until next week.  On the other hand, I will be planning and making an extra meal every day, so energy expenditure is kind of a wash. 

Doesn't help that I think I need to be stepped back up a little on my thyroid meds.  I have been having increasing levels of "thyroid hormones too low" symptoms.  More than just the lack of energy.  I'll be due for blood work for her sometime in February, though, so it may not be worth bothering with until after that. 

I think I may wait on my living room cleanup until after Saturday, when the tree comes down and gets packed away, and just focus on the rest of the house.  Starting with the bathrooms and working my way forward, ten minutes at a time.  

*I hate Christmas.  There's so much extra we're obliged to do for family that doesn't care to come here and insists we don't care because we never go to them...I miss being a stupid kid that didn't realize just how self-centered and uncaring my family actually was.  

 **Crap to worry about: Christmas shopping this year was hard.  Not because I didn't have ideas, but because either what I'd thought of wasn't on the shelf, or had jumped in price to put it outside the budget imposed by a new set of tires for the Subaru Forester being $200 more than I'd accounted for in my planning.   


  1. Do what you can. And the kids are getting old enough to start helping with the clean up/pick up.

    1. They do help--but part of the problem is I have to be on my feet to direct them in how to do the tasks. Have you ever seen an ADHD-AF 13yo with a broom? He's gonna have to practice outside. He is, however, awesome with the Swiffer.


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