Friday, September 25, 2020

FFOT: Miscellaneous

 Migraines.  Migraines can fuck right the fuckety fuck off. I don't get them often, but when I do, they're at the worst possible fucking time, and last a subjective eternity (almost a full three days).  

People who dump kittens can fuck right off.  With a conical cheese grater.  Hell, people who dump any kind of animal.  And they can use Drano as lube.  

Allergies.  Allergies can fuck right off.  My daughter has them.  She's got the same damn symptoms she gets this time every fucking year, and is miserable.  Compounding the misery is that if she goes to school, people will panic.  

Which leads me to...the media.  And politicians.  They can all fuck off either alone or with each other for politicizing a fucking cold.  Yeah, it's a cold on steroids for some, but it's a fucking cold.  

And last, but not least, the fucking shit-for-brains that T-boned my sister's vehicle last weekend can fuck off with the remains of his full-sized pickup jammed up his ass with the bottles of alcohol he'd downed before he got behind the wheel.  May he be visited with all of the injuries he inflicted on my sister and brother-in-law. 


  1. You've been havin a bad day for a frikken WEEK!,, Sorry to hear about it all,, especially your injured family,,
    As to migraines, thankfully Ive never had one, but tension headaches used to send me to the ER..
    In my search for a way to not hafta do that I discovered magnesium,, and found that some folks find some relief from migraines from magnesium,,
    I heat a pan O water and start adding Epsom salts until no more will dissolve, strip down to drawers, let water cool enough I can take it on me, use a rag, wet my neck, head, underarms, and prepare for the mess, cuz when it dries its a white powder and makes a mess,, but I cant get a big enough dose in the tub,,
    Taking a daily supplement helps, I havent had to get help in severl years.
    If ya start taking a daily supplement, get it from a health food store, not walgreens or GNC,, There are several types of magnesium, each has subtly different qualities,, so, research and/ or ask arund,,
    If ya start taking a supplement and discover youre using a lot more toilet paper, youre probably very low on magnesium, and you can cut back, till TP use goes to normal, then after a few days, increase until TP use increases, drop back,, slowly build gut tolerance..

    Magnesium Flakes vs. Epsom Salts: What's the difference? › health-hub › magnesium-flakes-vs-eps...
    Apr 11, 2019 - “As magnesium is well absorbed through the skin, adding some flakes into your bath, or a foot bath, is a great way to top up your levels. The options are Epsom Salts (sulphate) or Magnesium Flakes (chloride), both of which are largely associated with wellbeing and muscle recovery.

    Magnesium is a crucial element in the body's detox system, also,,

    Due to low magnesium levels in some people with migraines, magnesium supplements have been used to treat migraines, but with mixed results. Ask your doctor if these treatments are right for you.

    Thats a Mayo clinic blurb,

    I hope things get better for all of you..

    Do your research, ask around,, Best to you,,

    1. Mine are linked to hormone cycles. But thanks. I do use epsom salt baths frequently, due chronic pain conditions. The joints hurt, then the muscles tense up, then everything hurts epsom salt baths help a lot with that.

  2. Sorry to hear you're having a monumentally bad week. Hope sister and others are okay! Hang in there, you have to survive because you're the momma bear! Epsom salts work!

    1. My sister will eventually be fine. They're still not sure how my brother-in-law will recover, but they're a lot more optimistic now than they were this time last week. Three breaks in his neck and one in his lower back...but following two surgeries and a week for swelling to start reducing, he's able to move his hands and arms a little, and is getting some feeling back in his legs.