Tuesday, March 31, 2020

"I'm miffed, Rog..."

I'm assuming most, if not all, of my readers have seen the Lethal Weapon movies.  Remember Lethal Weapon 2, when the nasty, drug-dealing diplomats finally sent Riggs over the edge to the point he was barely coherent on the phone with Murtaugh?  "Miffed, I'm miffed, Rog..." 

Remember what happened next? 

I've passed "pissed off," and I'm heading toward that level of "miffed."  Right now, the only thing keeping me grounded is the kids (who are, by the way, also the reason I'm headed toward "miffed"). 

The economy I grew up in, and have headed toward middle age learning how it worked...is trashed.  We have the same levels of unemployment now as we had during the worst parts of the Great Depression.  And it has been deliberate on the part of the Left. 

Note I'm not blaming just the Democrats.  Not all of the Democrats are in on this.  And some of the Republicans are

This is Trump Derangement Syndrome writ large...and destructive.  This is the far Left politico's version of the riots that took place on the street level when Trump was first elected, then again when he took the Oath of Office. 

They tried it with the impeachment.  That failed. 

Then China fucked up by the numbers, starting with eating critters they shouldn't have.*  And in the process, they gave the Left a torch with which to commit mass arson. 

71% of our economy is tied up with services and/or tourism. 

Right now, restaurants are closed for dining in, which removes the server jobs.  Bars have been closed, removing server jobs and bartender jobs.  Not much need for janitorial staff in those places, right now, either.  Tourist attractions are closed, which shits on those jobs, too.  And the jobs of the hotel staff that count on those attractions. 

There are jobs out there.  But a lot of the people in the service industry...aren't qualified.  Because most of these "indispensable" jobs are either trades (for which they aren't trained), or IT in some form.  In all honesty, a lot of the "service industry" jobs have taken the place of "low-skill factory work" jobs, but require a higher level of starting intelligence and a very thick skin to deal with Karens. 

(The rest of the jobs are stocking shelves or cleaning...for which several in the service industries simply aren't fit enough to do: it's a lot of bending, lifting, and repetitive motion.  And cleaning/sanitizing is a much heavier job than most people think.)

I have an indispensable job for which I don't get paid: I am a housewife and mom.  Right now, I'm also a teacher and homework supervisor.  A lot of people formerly in the service industries are now learning to do the same jobs...however, like I said earlier, I'm not being paid.  And neither are they.  But where I've got a working spouse (not likely to change, given what he's doing), they may not.  And where I don't have rent or a mortgage,** they may...on top of the standard utilities and food bills. 

We are about to head into free-fall deflation, because everybody that has money isn't spending out of absolute terror.  Jobs are either gone, or may vanish without warning (or sometimes with warning--not sure which is worse), and while there's a lot of "you can't go anywhere" orders blocking a lot of spending, there's also a lot of absolute terror.  Gas prices have already plummeted.  The federal reserve is reacting to that, and to a lot of fear...which I understand.  But where they should have been raising the interest rate incrementally, and more often, so that there'd be a safety zone for if things went into the shitter, they didn't.  And now, out of the same fear the rest of us are feeling, they've put the interest rate into negative figures. 

People are cheering the "stimulus package" that was recently passed.  They're eagerly anticipating those aid checks that are coming.  $1200 per adult, $2400 per married couple, and a $500 credit per kid...for those who don't owe child support. 

What they don't realize is that a) this is their money in the first place, robbed from them by the government in a greater amount this year alone than they'll be "given" back, and b) this is only going to stave off bottoming out by a couple of weeks--maybe a month, if we're lucky.  A lot of people are going to be using this money not as the government intended (to live on while they're unemployed before the unemployment kicks in, as they've been promised will happen), but as a stash.  Because they're scared into saving money for the first time in their lives. 

Deflation is going to happen.  Without throwing everything back open tomorrow, deflation is going to happen.  Because a lot of businesses?  Have gone, or are going, bankrupt right fucking now.  Which means jobs are going away--permanently--right now.  Deflation is actually happening right now in some areas.  When that bottoms out? 

Well.  That's an ass of a different color.  We are going to have rampant, massive stagflation.  Remember what I said about the Federal Reserve's actions to attempt to stave off deflation?  That's going to end up causing the opposite. 

We are on a roller-coaster, my friends.  And we were strapped in, and the safeties were ripped out, by people who want to watch the world burn so that they could rebuild their version of heaven from the ashes. 

They don't realize that they're going to hang for this.  The minute that we, the people, get miffed enough, in large enough numbers, they're going to be hanged.  They've been working so hard, for so long, to remove the scaffolding of civilization from the people that they've forgotten that we can't be perfected, only house-trained.  They're going to be strung up from the lamp posts in D.C. and in state capitols in job lots, no matter what level of guilt they have.  Or lack. 

If they're lucky.

"We're gonna get bloody on this one." 

*There's a reason for a lot of the Levitican dietary laws.  Most of them are actually health codes: all of the animals labeled "unclean" are unsafe, often because of an inability to either prepare them safely, or an inability to store them safely, but also because some of them can and do transmit disease from animal to human.  

**I am incredibly thankful to have been able to pay off the mortgage.  Yes, our interest rates were locked at 4.5%...with the company we were with.  However, I'm absolutely certain there will be legislation passed eventually that would see that jacked way the fuck up because "economic emergency measures." 


  1. Am I the only one who has seen the pictures from Italy, Spain & NYC? The sick laying on the floor & the dead bodies being loaded into a truck with a forklift. Heck, I must be the only one to have read/watched younger people who had it (the hard version), recovered & talk about it!
    Maybe I'm to only one with a 4yo grandkid with no immune system because of his chemo..

    Maybe I'm just that gullible... no matter.

    I really don't believe this is all political maneuvering so you guys or those guys can be in charge of telling me how to live my life!

    The world today is my reality & I take it as it comes.
    I'll worry about you people who want to run my life when I see you coming down my street, right now my grandkid living thru this has the priority.

    1. Italy and Spain have a severe disadvantage: the men in both cultures (and the women in Spain) smoke like chimneys, damaging their lungs. They tend to cram together in mass trasit far more than most of the US. Their idea of "social distance" is right in each others' faces, unlike the US, where our personal space bubbles tend to have at least a 3' radius...and we don't like other people's bubbles infringing on ours very much.

      That's leaving aside the socialist medical system.

      Yes, they're having a high death rate, but it's still a lot lower by per capita than people are screaming about.

      As for NYC...the mainstream media's been caught using photos and video from Spain and Italy. I don't know what's going on in NYC, because I'm not finding any unbiased raw data. I can find it for MO, and for a lot of states, but NY's department of health and human services is a lot harder to navigate and find real figures on.

      Missouri, for example: today's reported infection rate (sampling only those who NEED medical assistance, i.e., the ones hit hard with it) is 1327. Fourteen have died. Again, they are NOT TESTING EVERYBODY. ONLY the seriously sick.

      I am in favor of those who are vulnerable taking precautions. If my kids were immunocompromised, or had severe, life-threatening allergies, I wouldn't have let them go to school in the first place. My mom is endangered yearly during flu season; she's in no less danger with this. I want her to stay home, too. Same with my aunt that survived both cancer and cancer treatments. And my friends with other issues.

      Two or three weeks is survivable, even for most small businesses. Two or three months? We're going to start seeing larger businesses closing their doors because they can't afford to keep going. Sometimes, those are service-based businesses, but sometimes, they won't be: they'll be essential to transporting goods, or essential to MAKING necessary goods.

      If this goes much longer, we are ALL threatened with starvation. Not because the food isn't being produced, but because the supply lines will be shattered beyond repair, and food won't be transported between places. Have you read Ringo's _The Last Centurion_? Think that kind of economic disruption with a far lower death rate from the initial viral infection.


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