Friday, May 31, 2019

Necessary Things

I'm trying--trying really hard--to keep the kids reading.  Part of this is getting them books that they've chosen.  One new book a month.  We'll also be trying to get to the used bookstore a few times.  They've gotten some real gems, there.

The pixie has discovered our set of Roald Dahl novels.  She has, so far, devoured one in its entirety in one day (it was a short one), giggling the whole time.  The imp, despite being two years older, doesn't read as well--I'm pretty sure that's his ADHD spiking the guns, though.  It's not that he doesn't have interest in reading, just that he can't sit still to read unless it's utterly absorbing. 

Oddly enough, he doesn't have the same problem with his Kindle games...I may end up confiscating his Kindle for a while.  Because of that, and because it does utterly terrible things to his attitude. 

His major interest, right now, is Pokemon.  I used to not care one way or the other about it, but after he discovered it, I've begun hating it.  Because he will. Not. SHUT UP. About it. 

But he reads the books about the characters.  And I have found that there are chapter novels for it.  I'll be buying these one by one for him.   

Pixie has gotten into the DogMan graphic novels.  I've been getting those at Walmart--they're a lot cheaper there than they are through Amazon.  She's got her eye on three that I saw there.  And she's got the other three that are out.  So those are getting snagged on Monday.  When I also snag some regular strength Tylenol for the kids. 

I've ordered a Pokemon book listing characters from Amazon for the imp--the pixie's book is going to have to wait a bit.  I do have something on the way for her, though: a pop-up document holder in purple.  She'd been using my blue one, but didn't think it was fair for her to keep it, since the imp didn't have one.  So.  He gets my blue one (for now), and she gets a new, purple one.  That isn't going to be used until next fall, when she's copying her spelling homework down. 

And, given Odysseus's job, he has ties coming out his ears.  His tie rack is loaded down to double what its capacity is supposed to be, he can't really see all the ties on it well, and it still doesn't hold all of his ties.  So, there's two more tie racks on the way so that he has an easier time choosing ties.  Because all of them will be hung up, where he can actually see them.  They'll hang on hooks on the wall, just behind the bedroom door.

Necessary things.  Things to keep the kids reading, keep the kids from fighting, and things to try to keep up with the house cleaning/decluttering/organization. 


  1. Reading is probably the best activity for a child. It will increase their vocabulary, enhance understanding of real world situations, helps grow imagination and sense of humor...besides the learning...but, you already know that. The hard part is getting them interested.
    Personally, I was hooked on the Happy Hollisters series, Tom Swift Adventures, Hardy Boys, and biographies of famous folks of the American Revolution, and subsequent milestones in American History...but that's just me. Life was different in the sixties.
    Looks like you've got a troll...filter it out by disallowing links in comments

    1. My imp really gets obsessed with things--part of the ADHD. He does like reading, he just can't sit still well for it.

      Both of my children have incredible vocabularies. And they understand the world fairly well. Their father and I talk about everything from politics to history to philosophy to religion to economics to books and movies and music. And they listen and ask questions about what they hear and don't understand, and make pointed comments about the things they do understand. They both have incredibly good senses of humor, and use sarcasm better than some teenagers I've met.

      I'm aware of the troll. I've been dumping its comments in the spam filter, where they belong, but I may change posting rules as you suggested.

  2. I have a question for you, as you are an author, correct?
    Which is correct?
    He riffled through the pages...
    He rifled through the pages...

    There is an argument going on at another author's blog over which is correct.
    What say you?

    1. Depends on context and intent: riffle is gentle but quick movement; rifle is more like ransacking something quickly and roughly with the intent to take something.

  3. That is, I think, directed at me. Rifle is to go through for theft. Riffle is to flip/sort through... At least according to the definitions I've found.

    1. You can also rifle through a book, but it's going to cause damage and potentially rip pages. When you're looking for something frantically enough you're not being careful.