Sunday, May 26, 2019

It's working!

My house is, while not clean, clean, it's at least decluttered (mostly) and presentable.  And I'll be continuing working on that until I'm not spending all my time decluttering and can start cleaning. 

It's gonna be a while.  But I think I can do it. 

What makes it easier is that I think the stupid CFS is starting to ease up its stranglehold.  Some.  I can do a little bit more than I could when it was at its best last year.  I'm keeping up with being able to declutter, and I'm able to regain some of the lost/used energy when I sit down and rest. 

I haven't been able to do that reliably for four years.

To be completely honest, I'm not sure if the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is letting go, or if the Armor, in the correct dose (which they couldn't seem to get on the T4 alone) is just working that much better than the synthetic thyroid replacement hormone.  Either way, this is making me happier about my health than I've been in a while. 

Friday night, after the kids had finished their pizza and their movie, and were getting ready for bed, we got a phone call from one of our oldest friends.  I've been friends with this guy for 21 years, now, and Odysseus has been friends with him for a little bit longer.  He's currently selling tools out of a truck--has a route and steady customers and a franchise and everything.  He's staying with one of his other long-term friends while said friend is training and about to deploy with the Guard, and will stay with his wife and family while he's gone as a layer of protection. 

Our friend needed a place to leave his tools van over the weekend while he went to a hobby convention.  And that the guy he's staying with would be coming with him to take him back. 

And neither Odysseus nor I sprang into crisis-cleaning* mode.  We straightened a few things, moved a couple of books out of chairs in the library, but that was basically all. 

And we were relaxed enough to enjoy a short visit instead of wishing it hadn't happened in the first place.

And it's because of five, ten, or fifteen minutes at a time.  And improving energy levels where I can do one or two more sessions of five, ten, or fifteen minutes, and recover energy after I've sat down.  

*Crisis-cleaning: where you take giant arms-full of mess and cram it in closets, cabinets, bedrooms, or wherever you can hide it in the few minutes' warning you have.


  1. You mentioned you still have yours? My wife takes Synthroid, to combat her "lead boots" fatigue. Once she got the dose dialed in, she has been 100% better. Her GP changed her dosage every six weeks for 15 years, before she finally saw a specialist. He put her on a dose, and kept it there. She has not changed her dosage now for about 4 years.
    Your kids are old enough to pick up after themselves. You'd be surprised how eager kids are to help, given a task to "help mom and dad"...of course, rewards are helpful after the fact.

    1. I do not have a thyroid. It was taken out in May of 2016. The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a separate issue related to fibromyalgia that exacerbates and is exacerbated by the thyroid issue, and it hit a year before that. They've been trying to find the right dose for three years--the specialist has been looking for the right dose for the last two, and finally found the right specific med and dose.

      My kids *are* old enough to help, and they do when the stick is applied (the carrot doesn't work often). Both are responsible for their own laundry.

      My daughter will help even without the stick applied, sometimes, if I catch her in the right mood. She tries to keep her room clean, but really has too much stuff: she won't let go of toys she's long since outgrown or broken.

      My son hates everything about housework, and won't pick up after himself without the promise of the trash bag for all his stuff hanging over his head, and won't put it away even when he picks it up. He, too, has too much stuff, much of it outgrown or broken.

  2. Replies
    1. I know, right??? I'm...cautiously optimistic. And that's a BIG thing for me, because I'm NEVER optimistic.


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