Friday, June 2, 2017

Quick question...

Who's the one that made it personal, first?  Who made a little eleven-year-old boy cry? 

And why should we care if some has-been, bottom-tier comedienne feels bullied?  Especially since the facts do not support her feelz, and she's been targeting the child as well as the adults?

She's right.  If she was a white man, people wouldn't be working to get her out from in front of audiences.  She'd have been punched in the mouth by the victims of her bullying behavior.


  1. She's trying to jump from D list up to A or B. She's now reaping the 'rewards' of her try, knowing from the video of the shoot, that they would have to take it down quickly. IOW, she knew EXACTLY what was going to happen...

  2. "D List"??

    You're too kind, NFO!

    1. D list is what she calls herself. She honestly used to be funny, but then again, so did Whoopi Goldberg.

  3. I hope the Secret Service rakes her over the coals! Can't believe she said what she did about Barron in her shows. What ever happened to "leave the kids alone" policy from the media of Presidential candidates and then the Frist Family??

    I was so glad to hear CNN dumped her butt, I may go back to watching CNN. I hope all her shows get cancelled and so far as her career is concerned, let her go scrub toilets someplace. That is one mentally unstable woman!! And there is not enough medication in the world to help her!!

    I saw today she is whining about getting death threats...explicit specific graphic death now she knows how the Trumps feel! Duh!!

    1. Since it wasn't a direct threat, she doesn't deserve to have legal repercussions; yes, it was reprehensible and tasteless, but it's covered under political speech.

      However. That does NOT protect her from the natural consequences of her actions, i.e., being fired by every-fucking-body that has her working for them, or having the Trumps land on her with football cleats for hitting at Barron (which got Melania into the mess, and she's mostly not engaged until now).

      She does deserve the same protection from death threats that everyone else does, but it is gratifying to see her reacting to having them. Yeah, a little empathy goes a long way--let's see if she can actually realize that she's in the same position that the Trump family has been in since he started running for POTUS.

      The woman is an absolute hag of a has-been, and really doesn't deserve more attention than amused incredulity at her claiming victimhood.


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