Monday, February 22, 2016


As I last posted, a specialist told me to go back onto my thyroid meds.  Thank God.  I went from foggy, exhausted, and scattered to back closer to what I'm used to. 

And I got my papers, which I'd picked up the week before, finished as of last night.  I'll be handing them back today. 

After that?  I need to start working on the textbook I'll be working out of for the coming years.  Rather than teaching four arguments and then a research paper, I'll be teaching nothing but research papers.  It strikes me as a lot more useful to ALL of my students: most majors work in one of four citation styles, and no one but English works in MLA.  Therefore, I will be teaching each of the four citation styles*...once I learn the last two I'm unfamiliar with. 

I'm also feeling up to transcribing scribbled fiction from draft books into the typed drafts I've been working on.  And feeling up to cleaning.

Speaking of cleaning, I've got some ideas on how to bring more storage into the living room.  Odysseus is on board, so I started clearing clutter last night.  Which stirred up dust.  Which gave me a huge sinus headache, drainage, and sore throat that's lasted through the night and into this morning. 

What I didn't realize was that it had done the same to my pixie.  She woke up this morning with a very sore throat, sick stomach, and just feeling all-around bad.  I gave her a Claritin, and she started perking up a bit.  I'm just hoping it was enough for her to enjoy school, and to behave herself.

I'll be having my non-functioning, actively-harming-me thyroid taken out after semester's over.  As of right now, I'm just trying to get my house as ready for another bout of non-functioning homemaker as I can before that kicks in.  The cleaning and the extra storage will help with that.

*The four major citation styles of which I'm aware are MLA (Modern Language Association--what all English teachers go with by default), APA (American Psychological Association--social sciences, teacher ed, and business), CMS (Chicago Manual Style--used by communications and journalism), and CSE (Council of Science Editors--used by Earth and Bio sciences, and likely as not, all science majors). 

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