Sunday, February 14, 2016


I feel like I've been running on five hours of sleep per night for the past month, no matter how much I sleep.  I don't have the energy--mental or physical--to do a whole lot.  What has to be done is prioritized by how necessary it is (or isn't). 

Right now, the blog is a bit far down the priorities list.  So is transcribing what I get the time and energy to scribble down in my draft books. 

Last week, I had a thyroid uptake and scan.  I slept through most of it, to be honest, in ten minute chunks.  I was lying down, fairly comfortable, in a dark room, and under a warmed blanket.  I couldn't have stayed awake if I'd tried. 

I'd asked my doctor if I could go back on my meds.  I was told not until she got the scan results. She got the scan results...and she's sending me for more testing of a different type.  Which means no meds until everything is done. 

I'm not sure when that will be. 

I am sure I'm just about ready to scream at the doc to send me to have the damn thing out, already, just so I can start feeling better.

And I've just picked up the first batch of papers to grade for the semester. 

Bloody fucking hell.  


  1. Thoughts and prayers. Hang in there lady!

  2. Hope they figure this out soon. It sucks when things like this happen to good people.

    1. Got an initial consult tomorrow. We'll see what develops from there.