Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New recipe

I hate pinto beans.  Always have.  Always will...when fixed as bean soup.  They're a handy filler when used as refried beans and added to ground beef in tacos. 

But they're freakin' cheap.  I can get a ten pound bag of 'em from Sam's Club for just over $6.  Lots cheaper than buying cans of beans.

And...I found a way to make them that I like, just on their own. 

HH's Modified Refried Beans

1 lb (2 c) dry beans
1 onion
5 cloves garlic
1 t salt
2 T bacon grease OR 4 slices bacon OR 1/2 c bacon ends
3 T chipotle chilis in adobo sauce, pureed
shredded cheddar (optional)
sour cream (optional)

Soak the beans overnight; dump into crockpot with minced or crushed garlic (I use a garlic press) and chopped onion (bacon if you want to cook it with the bacon); cook all day.  When beans are done, drain and mash with bacon grease, salt, and pureed chipotle peppers. 

If you want to add to taco meat, about a quarter of what you just made will do--freeze the rest.  If you want bean dip, add the cheese and sour cream to taste, and eat warm. This is also excellent smeared onto a tortilla with salsa and extra cheese and eaten like pizza.

I ate until I nearly popped, last night.  And didn't get hungry before bed, either. 

I thought I hated  beans.  Turned out I just hate beans without flavor--which is the way I grew up being forced to eat them. 

I fed three adults (two grown men and me) for under four dollars last night, and had more leftovers than what we ate.  This is an excellent thing, especially in today's economy.


  1. Be warned, Adobo chilies are the gay/scout-sniper/ninjas of the spice world. So you'll be eating this and it will be "this is tasty", then in a moment bam up the butt with a sandpaper condom.

    1. It's not *that* bad. TCA only drank two glasses of milk, not the entire gallon.

  2. LOL, I'll add it to the inventory... maybe with less chilies though... :-D

  3. Bryn, Isle of AngleseyOctober 16, 2014 at 6:11 PM

    Very much on board with you re. tasty economical meals. I'm sliding downhill from my 50th birthday, and have been used to at least one meaty meal a day for most of my life. Now, the economy being what it is (here in the UK as well), grain & pulse based meals using Italian, Indian & Chinese recipes are appearing much more often on my menu.
    Not from any wish to become a herbivore, it's just the cost of living.
    Pickled jalapeños is about my limit with chillies, though I do have a bottle of "Infinity" chilli sauce (1 Million Scoville Units) - it's lasted two years so far, still half of it left using it as an additive in tiny quantities!

    1. The chilis in adobo give it a little bit more smoky flavor, as well as a little tangy, and then, of course, the heat. Glad I could help.


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