Friday, October 17, 2014

FFOT: This week.

This week can fuck off so hard.  Monday, the alarm didn't go off.  No, Odysseus and I didn't have class, but the kids still had school...and they were being good, and didn't wake us up until ten 'til eight.  They're late if they arrive after 8:05, and we managed to somehow get them there by ten after.  That can fuck off. 

Second, I got sick that night with a mild gastric virus that made me run a fever, and feel like I'd eaten glass...and caused bloating and pain from that...Monday night.  I'm only just now getting over it. 

Third, my CD player in the bedroom quit working. 

And last, but not least, I think I'm coming down with a cold. 

I am so ready for this week to be over...


  1. Ebola. Ebola can eff off with every nasty thing possible.

    As can the spin and sheer incompetence of those in the government who are more interested in looking good and "correct" than in doing what might protect the populace.

    And those who were asked to 'self-quarantine' but decided they were too special for that, they can also eff off. I hope they don't get Ebola, but they can still eff off.

    But a huge EFF YEAH (or perhaps, BLESS YOU is more appropriate) to the people from Samaritan's Purse and other organizations that are willing to go over to Africa and do their darnedest to treat people, slow the spread of the disease, and alleviate suffering. May no more of them develop the disease, and may their efforts show some concrete results SOON.

    1. The CDC deciding to treat obesity as falling under its auspices can fuck right off. Because of that, they've been caught flat-footed when something they're REALLY supposed to be trying to keep contained comes along.

      There should be no voluntary self-isolations. It should be forced isolation of anyone who may have come into contact with contaminated tissue, it should be a complete refusal of any passenger coming from Africa on any and all airlines. It should be dealt with as pandemic prevention, instead of the cluster-fuck we're seeing.

      I'm honestly bewildered by the stupidity being displayed by the people who should have a handle on this.

    2. Hope you feel better.

      And neck cramps in the middle of the night can FFOT.

    3. Any kind of cramps can, but those in particular.