Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not quite the way he envisions, perhaps, but yes.

Cornell West has been quoted by Real Clear Politics as saying that “the push for more entitlements ‘is going to be fought in the streets.’” He’s probably right, but I strongly doubt things will turn out the way he hopes, considering that he’s heaped praise on the Occupidiots for their foray into “civil” disobedience.

What’s more likely to happen is that the Occupidiots are going to get frustrated, the violence they’re keeping contained within their squatters’ camps is going to spill out, and the adults in this country are going to have to spank the spoiled children. I can foresee some dumb, lazy, entitled punk deciding that he’s got a right to the money carried by some productive member of society walking past a squatters’ camp, and attempting to redistribute the wealth without the power of the government and the IRS behind him. Like as not (anywhere but the People’s Republics of Illinois, Massachusetts, and other “crime-safe, gun-free” zones), said productive member of society is going to be armed, and lazy, worthless punk is going to wind up ventilated.

That’s going to spark a riot. And then it’s going to have to be contained. If the government is unwilling to do it (likely, given Richmond’s preferences), then it will fall to the citizens.

And we, the people, are getting damn fed up with the vicious beasts biting the hands that are forced to feed them in the first place. I strongly suspect that, should we, the people, be forced to contain the Occupidiots’ riot(s), there are going to be heads busted, followed in short order by either another civil war (please, God, no), or a complete and total rout in the voters’ booths of those who refused to do their jobs in the first place.

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