Monday, September 26, 2011


Morgan Freeman is one, no matter that he is a spectacular actor, such that I would almost see a movie just because it has him in it. That does not mean he's an expert in any other area--and this just proves that point.

Honestly, I don't dislike Obama because he's half-black. I dislike him because he's anti-American, incompetent, and flaunts his position and money in the faces of those of us who can't afford to eat at Ryans, much less the multi-thousand-dollar-a-plate places he and Michelle Antoinette like to frequent. His behavior places him firmly in the category of nigger.

If you run Herman Cain or Allen West against anyone else, Democrat or Republican, I'd vote for them. Not because they're black (NOT niggers--that's a title you earn by your behavior, and I know several white niggers, personally), but because they love America, and could do a better job than most others. Herman Cain is a successful businessman who's done extensive work with the armed forces, and can see what needs to be done, and make and enact plans for how to get there. Allen West is a former Army Lieutenant Colonel: someone who is far more qualified to sit behind the big desk than the idiot that never held a real job that's sitting there, now.

Honestly, if I were going to vote against someone because of an outer characteristic that they can't help, I'd vote against Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann, because they're women. For one thing, I have a hard time taking my own sex seriously, especially when they make assertions that can't be proved (and doubly especially when there are far more serious problems in the same issue about which they could have protested without being labeled a dumb bint that doesn't understand science). Far more seriously, our enemies not only would take us less seriously than they currently do, but they'd see our nation as asking for attack by electing a woman leader.

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