Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just another illustration of why I’m unwilling to go anywhere unarmed.

I'm a very small woman. I've been a victim of a large man; I am a survivor. I refuse to be a victim again. You never know who's going to have the courage and moral fortitude of this woman's lawyer.

There is exactly one tool (okay, one type of tool) that makes me a physical equal to any man out there. It goes BOOM! and throws little bits of metal of different calibers, from smaller than the end joint of my (very small) pinky finger to larger than the end joint of my thumb, at very high speeds.

A gun free zone is a target rich environment. I don't ever plan to be a target.


  1. Did you know?

    There so much violence in court
    hearings that THEY have made a reality show about!


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