Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New toy

We did our taxes, and did the responsible things with the refund first. You know, kids' college, our retirement...not that it'll do much good with the rapidly tanking dollar.

Anyway, after we did those things, we decided to have a little fun. I ordered this. Hopefully, it will arrive tomorrow. I can't wait to go play with it a little.


  1. Awesome, indeed. It came yesterday, and I've spent yesterday evening and parts of today fiddling with it. There's no rattle at all, and the trigger breaks over if you so much as breathe on it (love that snap cap--can dry fire as much as I want without worrying about the firing pin).

    Not to mention that there's just...something about that huge, heavy chunk of steel with a five inch barrel that just feels...*good*.

    Too bad the weather was too sucky to go put some lead downrange. I had to field some questions that should have been asked six weeks ago, from not one but two students, about where to find due dates. I could really use some lead-based therapy.

  2. Very, VERY nice!

    Range report, please.