Friday, February 25, 2011


Before the weather gets too warm to enjoy it, I thought I'd post my version of this recipe. It's simple, thick, and can be as hot or not as you want. This recipe is about 3.5 or 4 alarm--if you want it milder, reduce the seasoning, or use mild ro-tel. Or both. If you want it hotter, use more seasoning (but not more than 1/3 c per pound) or hot ro-tel. Or both. I usually double this recipe, because if I don't, there's not enough leftovers to do more than top a baked potato.

1 lb lean hamburger meat (90/10 at least) Ground venison is also very good in this.
1/4 c chili seasoning
1 10 oz can ro-tel
1 15 oz can tomato sauce
1 15 oz can seasoned black beans, drained

1. Brown meat over medium heat, making sure to break up any large chunks.
2. Add seasoning, ro-tel (undrained), and tomato sauce. Mix well.
3. Simmer on medium low (I usually set the burner to about 4 [low=1; high=11]; adjust as needed for your stove) until desired consistency is reached (about an hour for my taste), but at least a half an hour.
4. Add black beans, stir, simmer until beans are warmed through (another five or ten minutes).

Serve hot, with cheese, crackers, tortilla chips, or baked potatoes. Tastes good the day you make it, and tastes better the next day.

*Helpful cleanup hint: as soon as you've put the leftovers away, run the tap until the water's hot, put dish soap in the bottom of the chili pot, then fill with hot water. Soak overnight and it comes clean with no effort.


  1. The truth be known......

    I have a pot of chili in my fridge that is 90% your recipe!

    Black beans rule!

    (I used diced pork loin.)

  2. I have never tried chili over baked potatoes--that sounds delicious.

    (WV: "ovena"--silly Blogger, you don't need an oven for this recipe!)

  3. Chili is *really* good on a baked potato with lots of cheese and sour cream.

    It's also good over cornbread.


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