Friday, June 18, 2010

Proof that idiots breed.

Van der Sloot's mother swears that he never killed anyone.

It's her fault, and that of her (late) husband that the psycho Lurch look-alike is such a special snowflake that he's escaped the rap for Holloway. If it weren't for this stupid, blind, retarded socialite spoiling her son, he might have actually grown up into a productive, law-abiding, sane citizen. Instead, he beats and strangles a young woman to death because she asked him something he didn't want to answer.

Wake up and smell the coffee that your son drank over the corpse of his latest victim, you stupid bitch! YOUR SON IS A PSYCHO!


  1. Wait for the movie!

  2. I have no doubt of that. I also have no doubt that, if I were to be watching it, I'd be making fun of it all the way through.

  3. Real Housewives of Maastricht?

    I think perhaps there should be a codicil in international law that in cases like this, where the parents are likely contributors to the screwed-up-ness of the child, they should be punished.

    Maybe not get the death penalty (which is what Joren should get), but be punished SOMEHOW.

  4. No mother will admit their son is a murder. I only hope Peru has the death penalty.

    Natalie Holloway's wasted too much time and spent too much money hiring investigators. They should have hired mercenaries to grab the low life and make him talk.

  5. Yup, your right. I meant to say Natalie's parents.

  6. An observation: This clown is a stereo-typical example of what many crime shows portray as a sociopathic serial killer.

    Copy cat?