Thursday, January 13, 2022

The best-laid plans...

Yeah.  Very little went according to plan, this week.  Yes, I got Odysseus's work pants fixed (and a preventative fix before the inseam let go at the crotch), and got my red canvas apron fixed where some of the seams where the bias-tape binding/ties were letting go of the rest of the fabric.  And yeah, I got the kitchen and the living room back in shape.  

But.  The kids' school cancelled on Monday (probably due to an inability to get enough substitutes in), then emailed all families on Tuesday that they were re-instituting a mask requirement on Wednesday.  And it had to be real masks, not the buffs that they'd handed out at the beginning of the previous year (according to the elementary school principal, who was wearing hers under her chin). 

Then Wednesday, one of the kids woke up congested, and the other woke up sneezing, and unable to breathe through his nose.  I kept them both home (though the pixie seemed fine after her allergy meds kicked in--there was no change for the imp after he'd taken his).  And yesterday evening, I got another email from the school, that they were cancelling Friday.  That a hundred and thirty plus kids were out sick yesterday, and not just with "positive covid tests," but with the flu, and with strep throat.  

That's the equivalent of three full grades' worth of kids out, for that school.  

Granted, it's probably fueled by parental overreaction to a cold (something the kids would have been sent to school with in years past, before China lost control of a bioweapon that killed more of their own people than it did anyone else's), but still.  

The pixie is at school today, but the imp is not.  He is doing better, though, and will likely be pretty much over this crap before the end of today.  

I have not gotten much of my planned writing done at all.  

And I can't think to write with my head full of crud from the cold I picked up from the imp.  

So I guess I'll go get started on cleaning up the dining room while he's busy playing Civilization.  And maybe finish a couple of half-finished sewing projects I've got sitting on the sewing machine. 


  1. Yes, the cold is the new OMG, the kids the kids got to keep the kids home mantra. Our mask him to the point where they cannot breathe in school… sigh Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Imp's all the way over his crud, and pixie has come down with it. :-/


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