Sunday, January 17, 2021

Cautious optimism...

I downloaded Pale Moon's browser, late last night.  Then messed with it a bit, and went to bed.  I've messed with it a bit this morning, and I'm not unhappy with it.  I downloaded an adblocker (first thing I did).  It's not perfect--the AdBlocker Ultimate does a much better job--but it's more effective than the one with Brave.  

It also works a lot more like Firefox.  Which...I greatly prefer over Brave (which works like Chrome...which I absolutely hate).  I'll probably try it out for a while, and make sure everything I use Firefox for works right before I make the switch between browsers.

I am working on divesting of everything that supports criminals and traitors; however, I am not willing to cut off my nose to spite my face.   There are things I don't think I can give up, due to budgetary concerns.  Walmart and Sam's Club, for example.  I can't afford stop shopping there for groceries just because they pay the Danegeld--there is one other option, and it's in the south end of town.*  I'm on the north end.  It's, granted, close to the same distance, but the grocery store is a hair farther away, and...well, the traffic is bad, dangerous, and rather unavoidable.

I also can't exactly give up Amazon, either.  I publish through them.  We use their Kindle Unlimited program, and buy e-books through them (mostly indie authors, too).  There are things we purchase through them that are simply unavailable locally, or are cost prohibitive--we are on a tight budget, after all, since we pay tuition for private school, and are saving for a new roof.  I can minimize money spent there, and do as a matter of course, but I can't boycott it completely.  

So.  In conclusion.  I kind of like Pale Moon.  No, the ad blocker isn't as effective as the one I use on Firefox--it permits DuckDuckGo to list ads first in a search, which the one I use on Firefox doesn't permit--but it otherwise works the same general way.  I do like it.  I'm not going to uninstall Firefox, but I'll switch my default browser to this one, and keep Firefox as a backup (along with Edge, which is used only for banking). 



*There's a Food-4-Less on the south end of town, and getting there involves streets and intersections that are among the worst for traffic accidents and careless driving in the area.  And is in the "masks required for doing business" city, which I won't reward with more of my money through sales tax than I absolutely have to.   


  1. We do what we have no, and NO, not cutting off my nose either!

    1. I really wish we didn't have to do business with people who want us dead. But that isn't the way the world works.

  2. I noticed Pale Moon breaks several useful extensions - LastPass being one - look up WaterFox

    Uses the Gecko code FF and PM are built from, but seems a little more robust - switched over last week end and not noticing any difference so far

    1. I'll take a look. Keep in mind: I'm a barely competent user, not truly computer literate.