Thursday, January 7, 2021

Learned helplessness

We got a nasty lesson in that in November, then again yesterday.  

No matter what we do, no matter what choices we make, the outcome for us won't change.  It won't change not because we're making the wrong decisions, but because those with power are making all of the decisions, and fuck the voters.  

Evenenscence produced a song that, on its surface, isn't a bad message.  "Use My Voice" is, if you listen to the lyrics, about making yourself heard, making your opinions known.  The video is a leftest staged riot, which completely turned me off of the band for good.  I'm rather disgusted with Amy Lee for what she's advocating--it indicates in her an ignorance of history that's frankly...well, schadenfreudelicious.  

Remember what happened to the Brownshirts when they were no longer needed.  

However.  Back to the subject.  

We used our voice.  We used the ballot box, and reelected the man who was working for us.  They stole that by putting in another one of their overbred, inbred, cretinous brahmins through massive, obvious fraud.  We attempted to use the jury box--and have been laughed away by brahmins put in place through decades of careful work to preserve the illusion that we weren't being forced into neo-feudalism.  We've used the soap box.  

At this point, we don't really have much of a choice left.  I don't think the brahmins realize what they've done--they have no relation to reality, and cannot see the truth when it's breaking into the Capitol building to scream our outrage over their blatant fraud.  

A lot of people are going to shrug, and slide into depression--why bother doing otherwise, when nothing you choose, no action you take, can possibly affect the outcome?  Why do anything other than drift in a fog when nothing you do can make your life anything other than misery?  When the American dream has been strangled by neo-feudalists masquerading as public servants?  When all support structures have been carefully pruned and stripped away to avoid any possibility of the feudalists being toppled--again--by those nasty, filthy peasants?  


I have reasons to do neither.  I grew up in a very similar situation--I was technically and legally a ward of the state from the age of twelve.  My mom had physical custody, but wasn't permitted to make any legal choices for us.  There were no choices I could make, no actions I could take, to make my life any better.  

I wound up drifting.  Diving into books and not coming up for air.  I wound up getting an incredibly good education in history, psychology, and politics from that.  Feudalism, when done right, could work--neo-feudalism is not feudalism done right.  It's always feudalism done wrong, and never works.  And we are in the end stages of it, no matter what it looks like, because it never works past about four generations--because competence is scary to the neo-feudalists, and thus they've deleted any chance of it from themselves. 

I also, when it was pointed out to me, realized that there were things I could do, choices I could make.  It wouldn't make things better, per se, but it would prepare me for the time when I could use my voice, when I could make choices and make them stick.  

If you have any land at all...put it to use.  Get some chickens.  Put in a garden.  If all you have is a yard, put in a garden--if your municipality won't let you grow veggies, you can grow flowers (and check your local ordinances--some places will let you have up to four hens, even in places where they won't let you put a veggie garden in your yard).  Learn to make things, and do that.  Draw.  Write.  Read.  


These things will help you fight off the massive, dire-wolf-sized black dog that is learned helplessness spawned depression.

And remember that, no matter what the neo-feudalist brahmins think, their path to power ends in a cliff, and they're rushing headlong toward it.  I'd say like lemmings, but they don't even see it.  

Take care of yourselves.  Take care of your families.  Pull in.  Fort up.  And don't let the inbred bastards grind you down. 


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    1. I'll be doing as much as I'm capable of doing. Right now...I'm either writing (when brain fog permits), or knitting (when it doesn't, or I'm plotting the next sequence, or I'm managing kids' homework time).

      This coming spring, we may start some chicks, to see if the kids can deal with them. At 12 and 10, they should be able to do what I can't.