Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Oh...ffs, can't I catch a break?

Last week.  Monday.  The imp came home from school, and crawled in my lap--which is unusual for him.  I noted he was warm, and grabbed the thermometer to check.  Sure enough, he had a fever.  And complained about being achy.  He was quiet all day Tuesday, and was feeling a little better Wednesday.  Thursday, the fever came and went.  So he was out of school all week last week.  I'm thankful that a couple of those days were snow days. 

Thursday, Odysseus caught it.  And was bad enough he called in sick Friday, and didn't really get out of bed at all.  Nor Saturday, much.  Sunday was better, but still not good.  He was able to go back to work Monday.

I started coming down with it Monday.  And it was really bad yesterday, and has been worse today. 

And this is following on the heels of a ME/CFS attack. 

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