Sunday, February 16, 2020

Feeling flattened

I'm pretty sure that the flu has marched through our house with great big, stompy feet.  First the imp (as I said--but he recovered really damn quick), then Odyssues (he took longer, and still isn't feeling fully recovered), then me.  And wow, did it kick my ass.  No, I'm still not recovered, but I am better. 

Odysseus went to work all week last week.  I...couldn't really get out of bed after Tuesday.  And I fought a holding action against the mess, trying to let the fever do its thing, without letting it go too high (as in: trying to avoid taking Tylenol unless it went over 104.5...which it did a couple times).  And the imp's broke in about 3 days...Odysseus's took about 3.5 days.  Mine hit Monday, and it didn't break until yesterday (Saturday) morning, early.  And kept going higher than either of theirs did. 

I do feel better.  I don't feel like my entire body's been sandblasted anymore.  Nor do I feel like somebody took a baseball bat to my back from shoulders to hips.  No, now, I just feel like a cooked noodle: utterly limp and weak and shaky. 

But I am over it, and on the bright side, it took 8 lbs off of me. 

I'm glad it's done.  I've just got to focus, now, on getting back into working order.  Because I've got stuff to do this week, starting with paying enrollment fees to the kids' school and paying into their lunch accounts, continuing on through a followup with the idiot cardiologist that forgot or missed something in my chart on Tuesday, and finishing up with trying to get caught back up with the house for the rest of the week.  There's not as much as there could be--the pixie spent Friday bored and cleaning her room and the kitchen. 

I'll get there. 

I did get some confirmation of a few things last week: I couldn't take the things I'd been taking in place of NSAIDs--the turmeric, and the fish oil caplets--because the flu came with sinus drainage-induced queasiness.  Before that, I'd noticed that I'd been moving easier, and that my pain levels had dropped in the week I'd been taking them.  Well, I had to go back on them yesterday because my resting pain levels had climbed again.  Yes, the difference was noticeable--I'd gone from a 4-5 in resting pain levels down to a 3 or so, and I was able to close my hands all the way, even on bad days.  I'm back to a 4-5 without them for less than a week. 

I also found, last Monday, that I can't take the second blood pressure med the doc tried putting me on.  It gave me a nasty headache that acted like a migraine in some respects, but that none of my tactics for reducing migraine pain worked for.  NOTHING helped. 

So I did some further research, and found out that celery seed extract might--might--do some good as a hypertension remedy.  But that it also will help with some of my other issues--the inflammation, for one, and some that the oral contraceptives had been handling for me for the major thing--so I ordered some.  We'll see if it does anything for me.  I can already tell that I'm not having any side effects from it. 

But yeah.  Right now, I'm trying to not worry about it.  I may be up and in the living room for the first time since Tuesday, but I'm still feeling beat flat.  Recovery is, I can tell, going to be slow.


  1. How much turmeric do you take?

  2. It always takes a while to recover. And if you try to do too much, you can relapse... Take it easy!

    1. I am to the extent that I can. Had stuff that HAD to be done Monday and Tuesday.


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