Monday, December 31, 2018

Damn it.

I have been finding that I can get about two years' worth of use out of Acer laptops.

I've had this one for less than that.  I got it toward the end of July of 2017.  And it's already breaking in a way that I won't be able to keep using it for a whole lot longer.

The plastic back, side, and corner of the top of the laptop (around the corner of the monitor) are breaking.  There's a crack extending about four inches from the edge, about an inch up from the bottom, about even with the hinge on the back.  And the side and corner of the front around the hinge are giving way and breaking.

It's been a problem, a growing, worsening problem, for about two months, now.  I haven't been closing the laptop, merely sending it to sleep.  And even with careful handling, it's still slowly getting worse.

I will not get another Lenovo laptop.  When I get another computer in a month or so (when this one breaks past being usable), it will be another Acer Aspire.* 

They last better, and I won't have to adapt for a too-small shift key on the right hand side anymore.

Update: I decided to say to hell with it and ordered the laptop, since it was gonna happen anyway.   Ordered through Amazon.  NOT Office Depot (where I got this hot mess of a fragile and inconvenient machine).

*Yes, it must be a laptop.  Sometimes the brain's capable of working when the body needs to lay down.  No, I don't want a netbook. 


  1. I, who am a certified clutzy appliance abuser, have found HPs to be okay and capable of surviving me. Plus, well, they're on sale everywhere with decent sized keyboards.

    1. I don't know what caused the issue with the Lenovo, but I've had really good luck with Acer laptops for several iterations, starting with a couple of netbooks, then progressing through full-sized laptops. I'll be going back to them. A $50 difference in price doesn't make sense when it lasts fifteen months before starting to have issues rather than twenty-four.

  2. Good riddance... Lenovo is a Chinese cluster$$$$!

    1. Clearly. I hadn't realized this when I bought it. Never again.


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