Tuesday, December 18, 2018

damn it

I missed the window to avoid a chronic fatigue flare.  And the pixie has been running a fever* since Sunday. 

So much for a peaceful week. 

On the bright side, the heater works wonderfully well.  My house is warmer than it has been since last fall, just before we started having to use the heat pump.  We'll be getting a propane fill-up within the week, and the lady at the company said that we've got enough propane to run the heater until they get to us. 

It's really pretty, too. 

Eventually, we'll put a rug down, add a table between the chairs I've put there, and put a lamp or something there for reading. 

*She's running a virus-type fever, not a bacterial infection-type fever.  Which means she's been home since Saturday, and is going to be home tomorrow, too. 


  1. Looking good! And sorry to hear she's got the viral version...

    1. Me, too, because bacterial would have been treated by now and she'd be back at school.

      I do love that fireplace insert. It got the house WARM yesterday. And I had coffee next to it with my Kindle Paperwhite this morning, while the pixie was reading to her 65-year-old Betsy McCall doll her paternal grandma gave her for her last birthday (it was actually her grandma's when she'd been a little girl).