Monday, January 16, 2017

Adrena-Maxx supplements

After I got the CFS/ME diagnosis, I did a lot of in-depth research.  One of the things I found was that it often came with sub-clinical adrenal disorder, often referred to as adrenal fatigue.  Not to the level it needs treated with steroids--and in fact, treating with steroids can shut the adrenals down completely and permanently, at that point. 

Every site, including doctors' blogs, recommended supplementation that included increased B vitamins, and a few herbs.  Several of the non-affiliated MDs' sites recommended finding a specially formulated adrenal support blend. So I went looking.

Sweet baby Thor in a thunderstorm--there are a LOT of adrenal support supplements out there.

I narrowed it down to those without adrenal tissue added.  Unless you're right at the spot where the docs would start treating you with small dosages of steroids, you don't want adrenal tissue in your supplement.  That can exacerbate the issue, or shut your adrenals down, depending on amount and potency. 

Even with that ingredient left out, there are still a LOT of adrenal support supplements out there.

I kept looking, and finally settled on AdrenaMaxx.  It's a chewable supplement that contains several things I already knew helped me (like a lot of different B vitamins, and a few amino acids that are contraindicated for those with bipolar disorder or borderline hyperthyroid--L. Tyrosine, specifically). 

I received the bottle, and found enough cotton wadding to make a few yards of yarn, did I spin.  The pills themselves were crumbly and easily broken, so that's probably why they were packed in so tightly. 

The recommended dosage is two tablets per day.  So I started taking them. 

They didn't do anything right away.  But by the second day, some of my symptoms had begun to alleviate themselves.  One of the most annoying but least serious symptoms completely resolved itself.  And then, my energy levels started replenishing faster when I sat down to rest.  And then, the weight started coming off.  Most of the symptoms that mimic the low thyroid symptoms started to ease.

Spectacular.  The supplement was working beautifully.

Then I started doing research into the actual ingredients, potential side effects, and potential interactions with other medications.  Amino acids were all fine, even the L. Tyrosine.*  Slippery elm, fine...licorice root.  Not fine. 

See, licorice root interferes with the absorption of medications metabolized by the liver.  Including hormonal birth control pills. 

Uh...yeah, I quit those suckers immediately.  I would rather be miserable and incapable than miserable, incapable, and pregnant. 

Bottom line: AdrenaMaxx works.  It works beautifully.  But. 

And that's a big BUT. 

You shouldn't take it if you're taking birth control.  It can cause it to fail.  

*L. Tyrosine is metabolized by the thyroid gland into thyroid hormone.  Since I no longer HAVE  a thyroid gland, it doesn't do a whole lot besides just help other systems function properly.


  1. I hope you get to feeling better. Didn't know you were dealing with that. I learned the hard way about being careful with any medicine. One doctor gave me one prescription, and another gave me a second. They both knew about the other, but nobody caught on that the two were mutually exclusive until I couldn't remember how to get home.....

    1. I've had too many family members nearly killed with drug interactions to NOT check.

  2. A lot of things can mess with birth control. My step son was a product of a sinus infection treated with antibiotics.

    1. Antibiotics are one of the things my birth control has a warning label for. It warns of some herbal supplements, but doesn't name them.

  3. You dont need that.
    You need deer meat,
    some beans (preferably Bush's),
    some sauce for antioxidants,
    some califlower, broccoli, carrots
    (preferably organic), dood.
    That's ALL i eat.
    And my body has zero DIEseases.
    God bless you.

    1. I love me some deer meat. Stuff's delicious. Especially in chili with black beans.

      My guts don't like broccoli or cauliflower--I wind up feeling like I've eaten an ever-expanding balloon that I can't get rid of. Carrots and other veggies leave me starving within minutes. I stick mostly with V8, meat, and cheese.

      As for coffee...try getting good quality whole beans, grinding it before brewing. Tastes a LOT better than Frappuccino, with or without cream and sugar.


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