Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Y'know, I've been horrified by the way my discipline has been taught in public schools for the past several decades. 

I have just had it brought to my attention that history has had it worse.  I had a student argue that the national security agencies need more authority to better protect us from internal terrorists and saboteurs in time of war, and that were it not for such agencies, Pearl Harbor and the September 11 attacks would have had far higher casualty rates. 


Oh, no.

OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!  This kid had NO IDEA that the LAST TIME we were protected from internal terrorists and saboteurs was during WWII, when FDR rounded up the Japanese and put them in concentration camps. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the proud product of public education: the active idiot.

Please.  Drop out.  And go die in a ditch, somewhere.  I wouldn't trust you with an idiot stick, and you'd probably be demanding $15/hr to mop floors even if I did.


  1. Here HH. Print this meme out and hand it to him :-)


    1. "Thank you for all the years you've spent teaching for us, HH; unfortunately, we just don't have any classes for you next semester," say the admin, the same week they place an ad for English department adjuncts in the Sunday paper...

      I love my job, and I love trying to get them to think by forcing them to support their arguments with evidence and elaboration on how that evidence proves their claims.

  2. It's the schools. They teach crap like that. I bailed on teaching 5th grade because of the utter lies I was expected to endorse and teach the kids, in so many different ways. I couldn't do it.

    1. Many of my friends are homeschooling. We've got the kids in private school. Public schools suck. Badly.

  3. A lot of the schools aren't just putting out kids who are unlearned, but cranking out adults who don't even have the baseline skills to learn. Your post here spawned this: http://randomthoughtsandguns.blogspot.com/2015/09/education-experience-and-excellence.html

  4. Wow. Those who know history are doomed to watch idiots repeat it, I guess.


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