Monday, March 2, 2015

Sick kid.

No, not the pixie.  The imp.  Started throwing up Friday night, threw up every half hour or so all night, then all day Saturday.  Finally got him to stop around 10:30 Saturday night.  He's still down, because he just doesn't feel up to eating much.  He refused anything at all until around 6:30 Sunday afternoon--nearly two full days without eating.  No, he didn't go to school.

Well, let me revise that.  The pixie is also sick.  Hers is usual.  I am really, really beginning to regret my decision to go ahead and follow their preferences to put them in school.  I love my kids, and I hate disappointing them, but  I should have remembered that school = getting sick constantly.

I'm frazzled, fried, and feeling like a massive failure as a parent...not because they got sick, but because I'm really, really losing patience with the sibling who's sicker competition, and the constant, miserable whining.  Supervising my classes' peer editing today was a huge relief.

Right now, they're down for a nap, so I've got a short break.  I'm trying to get some writing done while they're down.  Failing that, I'll do some of the backed up housework (but I'm not feeling that great myself, and would rather put it off until I'm not feeling mildly flu-ish).

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