Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An Open Letter

Take up the Marxist's burden--
Send off the ones you've trained--
Go bind your peers to protest,
To stand out as the brains
To cry out on the sidewalks
And compel by wise diktat
The best for all the people--
Their wishes disrespect.

Take up the Marxist's burden--
Impatient to abide,
The empty threats of congress
To reject laws you devise;
By teleprompters' prompting
Your brilliance shall be plain.
You wreck our nation's profits,
Through seeking your own gain.

Take up the Marxist's burden--
Make savage war on peace--
Kill innocents and seniors
By bidding health care cease;
And when your goal is nearest
The end that others sought,
Watch smart and wary citizens
Bring all your hopes to naught.

Take up the Marxist's burden--
Create a rule of kings--
Remember voting citizens
Shall always ruin things;
The courts you dare not enter
The line you cannot tread
Go make them with your rulings
And all your talking heads.

Take up the Marxist's burden--
And take his recompense:
The blame of those, your betters
(You know, the ones with sense);
The cry of those you harass
And force to do your will
"Why take from us our freedom--
Our choice and rights repeal?"

Take up the Marxist's burden--
You won't succeed to boot--
We're citizens, not subjects
That's something you've confused;
By all you say and whisper,
And all you ever do,
That silent witness, History,
Will judge your gods, and you.

Take up the Marxist's burden--
You've done your childish best--
Your worthless Nobel Peace Prize
The Worship from the press.
Your voters judge your manhood
And vacations, through the years,
As lacking--lacking wisdom--
Despite pronouncements of your peers.

*Revised because of men like Alan West and Herman Cain. Also, apologies to Rudyard Kipling for butchering his work.

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