Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Merry Christmas" aren't dirty words

I had something depressing happen to my husband and me a couple of nights ago: a twelve-year-old Salvation Army bell ringer wished us a "Happy Holidays" as we put what we could spare into the kettle.

Happy holidays. From a Salvation Army bell ringer. I could only assume he said that instead of the Merry Christmas we usually hear because he's been brainwashed into political correctness by his public school.

Whatever the case, it was just sad.


  1. I've got it covered!

    I had a lot business in town yesterday and I found my self leaving the businesses saying: 'have a merry christmas or a happy holiday, which ever YOU prefer....

  2. I'm all for wishing people a happy/merry what you celebrate. You can't always know what they celebrate. I'd think it was cool if people wished me a happy Eid or Hanukah. But, maybe being the majority religion it's easy for me to say.

  3. It wouldn't offend me, either--I have been known to wish people I knew were Neo-pagans a happy Yule (winter solstice celebration).

    The Salvation Army,though, is a Christian organization. I expect its representatives to acknowledge that, if not be proud enough to show it off. To have a bell-ringer use the generic "holidays" instead of "Christmas" bothers me on a level I can't fully articulate.


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