Friday, December 31, 2010

Amen, Gunny

You're going to want to go to minute mark 1:30 to avoid the lousy cover of the Stones' "Paint it Black," but listen to what Gunnery Sargent Ermey says. He's totally right, and doesn't pull any punches about it.

I wish I could thank him for speaking out, and thank him for serving. Any of my readers (all three or so of you) who have served--thank you. And thank any of your acquaintance who've served for me.


  1. His GEICO TV ad is about the only one I won't mute!

    My first exposure to HIM was in the film FULL METAL JACKET.

  2. Have you seen Mail Call or Lock 'n Load? As much as I enjoy the military tech aspects of those shows, I love his presentation even more.

  3. Yes, I have...I like his approach to


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