Friday, December 5, 2008

Wow. Um...I knew that people were worried, but this is terrifying.

A neighborhood in Milwaukee has lost enough confidence in the dollar that they've invented and are using their own currency.

It's the media's fault that this is happening. Their attitude of "If it bleeds, it leads," is publishing story after story about how the economy is tanking, jobs are being cut, and the dollar is weakening. (Thank God they're too historically illiterate to point out the current dangers of deflation, or it would be worse.)

They need to quit reporting on what's wrong, and start focusing on the efforts to fix the economy, no matter how misguided and doomed to failure those efforts are.

Stop spending more than you earn, trust your bank (or at least the FDIC insurance), don't sell your stock, and for God's sake, please don't devalue our currency by ceasing to use it, even temporarily and locally.


  1. Humm, this reminds me of history when the America was first started and there were different currency in each state. Do you think that this could happen again as the country goes belly up? Hope not. It will be interesting to watch what the new Commander and Chief will do.

    I for one will be saying lots of prayers for this country and what is about to hit the fan.

  2. I'm praying for us, too. The last time local currencies appeard was during the Great Depression. Thankfully, they vanished as the crisis passed. This probably will, too; however, the emergence doesn't just suggest but declares that we are heading into a second round of Great Depression.