Saturday, January 14, 2012

Want to smack my mom...

The doctors told her: no housework, no bending over, no falling, no lifting anything over ten pounds.

So, Mom tries to unload and reload the dishwasher.  Sneaks around my sister who isn't letting her do any more than I am.  What does that take?  Repeatedly bending over.  And that's not all: she keeps trying to pick up the living room (bending over and lifting more than ten pounds, in some cases).  She's also refusing to use support to wander around (the house is a trip hazard, and I've seen her trip over her own feet in the driveway up to my aunt's house), and huffs that she doesn't need it.

And she won't. Stop. Whining.  Mostly about how she's done this all her life, she's never liked depending on other people to do her housework, she's not an invalid.

Okay.  Yes, she's done this all her life.  She tries to be independent, but with her health, it's kind of spotty.  But yes, she is an invalid.  She is going to be an invalid until the aneurism she has in her head behind her ear is repaired, and the doctors tell her she can get back to her old routine.

If I wasn't worried about a blow out, I'd swat her a good one.  Petulant, selfish snot.  She's acting worse than my three year old son does.


  1. Sleeping pills in her food, but you did not hear it from me. haha, just kidding. good luck

  2. We've half joked about hiding her pain meds that knock her out in a piece of cheese(cake).

    Part of the problem is that the new blood pressure meds make her feel better than she actually is, and she wants to be up and doing, when she really shouldn't be. And when we remind her, she pouts, whines, stomps her feet a bit, and goes and sulks. Seriously, my three year old is better behaved than my mom, now.

  3. Good luck with your mom acting like a 3 year old. Mine was in a roll-over car accident (my sister was driving, they were in Arizona) and fractured her C-3. Had to be in a neck brace. Had vertigo. Was told: No lifting, no bending over, no fast head movements, use a walker, etc.

    She didn't.

    Almost put me in a hospital as a nervous breakdown (mom lives alone, doe not drive, depends on me for doc visits, shopping, etc.)

    One day her failure to pay attention caused an epileptic-like reaction where her body was totally unresponsive to movement and EXTREME PAIN no meds could touch.

    It was her "come to Jesus" moment.

    Maybe your mom needs one of those.


  4. I'm terrified my mom's "come to Jesus" moment would be literal, and while the imp might remember her a little (he's three) the pixie is thirteen months old. I want the kids to remember their granny, and know how much she loves them.

  5. Feb. 8th , would be my Mom's 100th birthday...........

  6. My mom is (hopefully) going to be 67 in August. Her best friend will be 104 this year, if she makes it that long.