Friday, January 27, 2012


Who does Romney think he is? Barack Obama?

Seriously, I remember him saying what Santorum paraphrases him as saying.  Romneycare is the same damn thing as Obamacare, just on a smaller scale (and it's failing there, too).  And it is worth getting angry about--it's what the country is angry about.  We don't want mandatory Medicaid, Mr. Romney, and electing you is going to make sure we keep it, because that's exactly what you signed into law in the once-proud state of Massachusetts. 

I seriously don't know how, with how much he obviously loves his hair, he managed to get his head crammed so far up his rectum that he's licking his own tonsils.  And he, and the amphibian can fuck off, with cheez, for helping the establishment eject the candidates that really represent the majority of the American people, and forcing us to choose runny, thick, or crunchy for the shit sandwich we're being served come November.


  1. The two front running "alternatives to Obama" can fuck off with a dildo made of their own hypocrisy(it would be huge), and die so that we are spared the false choice of Obama vs. One of them.

  2. The fact that we are probably screwed for at least the next four years no matter who is elected can FTFO. (Considering the front running choices vs. who's in the WH now)

    I alternate between fantasies of running off to an off-the-grid lifestyle in the woods, or just spending all the money I have NOW on fun stuff, because in the future money will be worthless and there will be no fun stuff to be had because it's all been legislated away.

    Feeling like my country might be circling the drain because of what the folks in Washington are doing and have done for many years can FTFO.

  3. I worked in health care for my entire adult life.

    I have always been able to interpret health insurance benefits, etc.

    For the life of me, I have yet to see ANYTHING that interprets OBAMACARE!

    Please explain the basis for all the criticism.....

    (I personally have no opinion on the subject UNTIL I SEE IT IN ACTION.)

  4. Sweetheart, you got that right.

    Ricki: AMEN!!!

    OCM: you have an advantage that many don't. Along with that is a refusal to be bullied by admin types that don't want to serve welfare/medicaid recipients that won't pay more than 60% of the costs of the service (note I said costs, not price charged). My mother is easily bullied.

    Beyond that, look at Britain and Canada, both of which have the health care system in place that Romney put in place in Massachusetts, and that Obama shoved up our collective ass. Those over a certain age aren't treated as a matter of course--treatment and care is rationed. Doctors and other patient care personnel are basically indentured, and the good ones can't be paid any more than the bad ones. So care sinks to a uniform level of poor.

    Yeah, other than that, it's too expensive for a nation whose economy is falling apart--and that's just the projected costs, not what will wind up being reality.

    There's really too much to list that's objectionable.

  5. All those who have read the 2000 page measure please raise your hand!

  6. HH - Love it!

    You've been bookmarked and blogrolled.
    I've got you down for the next "Saturday Morning Coffee"

    Obamacare sux!

  7. OCM: I've read as much as I can find, so my hand's up.

    MSgt B--thanks, and thank you for serving. Love your snarkiness on your blog.

  8. OCM: I've read as much as I can find, so my hand's up........

    Would you give an assignment & tell your students, "just read as much as you can"......?

  9. OCM: I said "as much as I can find"--most of the copies I've run across has text redacted (deleted, simplified, or otherwise changed), so I have not been able to find the entire 2.000 page bill that passed into law.