Sunday, January 22, 2012

That's bad...

Parents are falling down--badly--on the job with their daughters.  What kind of parent doesn't have "the talk" with their own child?  What kind of parent depends on the public school system to educate their daughters in how procreation works? 

Oh, wait--never mind.  I forgot that society's been brainwashed for a few generations, now, into letting the government raise their kids for them.

Government's not doing a real good job, either--apparently, a lot of teen moms didn't think they could get pregnant the first time they had sex, so didn't use any kind of contraception. 

Whups!  They're taught all about how to use condoms from third grade on, and nobody bothered to tell them when to use them (i.e., every time)?  Or even that there is a slim chance that it could fail anyway when used correctly (that means using one every time, putting one on before any genital contact, and/or putting on a new one if one breaks), and they should use a backup method in conjunction?  Or even (God forbid) that, since sex was designed to make babies, the only sure way not to get pregnant is not to have sex (after all, there's so much other fun stuff to do)? 

This is stuff I plan to teach both of my kids.  I'd prefer they wait until they're psychologically and emotionally ready before they have sex in the first place, but I really prefer they're safe when they do.


  1. Slobyskysa RotchikokovJanuary 23, 2012 at 12:52 AM

    I would guess that this myth was begun and perpetuated by public school teaching lechers who tell their underage girls, "No, it's OK, you can't get pregnant the first time".
    Know what is interesting? Back when all the 'Catholic priests are all child molester' headlines were the rage, a friend showed me some statistics which, for some reason, never made headlines. Among cases of child molestation which were actually reported and investigated, guess what the number one institution was, by a landslide? Public schools.
    And more kids reported being molested in the schools of New York state, Illinois and New Jersey, than all of the priest molestations nationwide combined.

    Gee - you think the media just forgot to write about those?

  2. Good post, we are raising a generation of dependents, not all but most are taught the govt will take care of everything.

  3. I have 2 girls, #1 20 #2 13. Thank god they both know better, My 3 sons 25, 22, 18 also have it together. A a close friend year younger then I is going to be granddad for 3rd time. IIRC only one daughter is married.

    I like to say.."One night of fun, 18 years of child support payments". Kids these days just don't have a clue. I could go on, and on.

  4. Oh, and the public schools are doing SUCH a great job.

    I have college students who apparently don't understand how contraception works, or that you need to use it every time...I once had a student who missed class several times for court dates involving his "baby mama" (his words) who got VERY interested and asked a lot of questions when I was discussing (briefly) contraception in the human-reproductive-systems section. (I referred him to the campus nurse, but I will say I make some kind of comment along the lines of "not doing it until you're ready to have/father a baby" being the most reliable form of contraception)

  5. S.R.: that's just one of the many reasons I plan to home school my children until I can't anymore. By then, hopefully, they'll be assertive enough to NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!!

    Duke: I was one of them, until I realized that the government was the source of many of my problems. Mom raised my sister and me on welfare, child support payments, and food stamps. I was told that, were I to get a job, it would count as household income, and the rest would be decreased by the amount I made. How do you think a teenager that already resented her mom for not protecting/providing for her family reacted? Needless to say, my children will be taught that the government doesn't take care of you, it takes care of you.

    Rob: One of my best friends (about five months younger than me) has an almost 13 yo son that headed to prison, one almost-10 daughter that I don't see a very bright future for, thanks to her dad spoiling the snot out of her, and one 3 yo daughter that's too young to tell yet. My friend was brought up by a mother much like mine, only hers believed in drugging her into compliant behavior. Right now, I have one boy, one girl, so far. 3 yrs and 13.5 months. Neither her small children nor mine have much ability to extrapolate consequences of their behavior. Her older child and young teen are only beginning to develop that ability, like most their age, and they and most their age are being sabotaged by the adults around them removing or mitigating those consequences, much like the government did with the "too big to fail" companies.

  6. Ricki: AMEN! Thank God I don't teach biology--I'd hate to find myself having "the talk" with someone else's kids, and I'm socially clueless enough to not realize it until it's too late to get out of it by sending them to the campus nurse!

  7. I went to school with an older woman who taught hs science for many years; she told us a story about how one teen girl came to her and asked if it was true that you can't get pregnant if you douche with Mountain Dew afterwards. Seriously.

  8. M: OUCH!!! I think that might be worse than the diluted Lysol story I heard.

  9. Sex education---another perspective.

  10. OCM: Yeah, the other problem is that schools don't have any idea what's age-appropriate--parents know their kids better than any district curriculum does, and what their child is mature enough for.

    I might let my kids read the book described at 16+. Same with some of my favorite scifi/fantasy books.