Monday, January 30, 2012

My five

Just thought I'd get in on this meme.  I do love my guns, but I've got almost everything I really want or need.  Except for...

This—the Mosin-Nagant 1891/30, sniper.  Because I love my carbine, but can’t see a target at 100 yards as anything other than a white blur.  And my carbine is so pretty I’d hate to muck with it trying to fix it when it isn’t the gun that’s defective.

This—the CZ 527, a .223 bolt action.  I had a chance to handle one, a few years back.  The bolt was smooth, and the trigger broke crisp and clean, like a spring morning after an overnight rain.  I wanted, bad, but it wasn’t in the budget until it’d already walked out the door.

This—a 1903 Colt pocket hammer.  I’ve got its larger, younger brother, but I’d love one of these, too.

This—a CZ-82.  Has to be the 82: I really like the Makarov round.

Yes, I already have one.  I love my gun.  I would like another just like it.  Why?  Because.  It just makes me smile.

This.  An M1918.  Just because.  No practical reason.  Just want one.  Pretty, isn't it? 


  1. I wish I could afford to buy a gun or 2 more......

    Here's a favorite of mine--used in several classic western films.

  2. I'd hang that on the wall...You know you can buy kits to make your own for not to terribly much, right? I've seen the kits at places like Cabela's.

    And you did know that you can own a black powder rifle/pistol, right? For some weird reason, they don't count as guns with the BATFE. Same with air guns, some of which go as high as .22 caliber, and have the same velocity to the round.