Thursday, January 26, 2012

As if we needed any more proof.

Glenn Beck is a nutter--I will be the first to admit that--but just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that there haven't progressives out to tear our country apart for more than a hundred years. 

The Puppet-in-chief proved that in his State of the Union Address.  According to The Blaze, it had an "uncanny resemblance" to Teddy Roosevelt's address in 1906--more than a century ago. 

I can't wade through Obama's dribble (and believe me, I tried--it's bad enough to listen to, but as a teacher of composition, I wanted to scream and throw my netbook), but I did read the text of the 1906 speech--and the progressive/liberal talking points haven't changed substantially (except in a few areas, like integration, and treatment of crime and criminals) in over a hundred years.

So, the next time anyone wants to know what happened to the sense of self-reliance that this nation was founded on, just remember that we've been electing traitorous creeps that want to return us to serfhood, and have been working toward that goal, for longer than many of our grandparents have been alive. 

Unless the American people as a whole wake up and start demanding leaders that not only verbally repudiate the progressive agenda but actually act against it, we as a nation are sunk.


  1. we as a nation are sunk. ..."sigh"

  2. Thank God I'm a girl. I can cry about it, too.

  3. I didn't listen to the speech, but several semi-local commentators made a big deal about his "Pay your fair share" assertions.

    Really? If that's the biggest dream this man has for our country - taking from people who work hard and are productive to give to people who either have been lazy or have had a string of bad luck and have just given up? That's really, really sad.

  4. Ricki: yup, yup, you are right. Then again, he's trying to buy votes with our money. He thinks that the "pay a fair share will resonate with the gigantic part of the population that gets money from the government (last figure was 47%). Add in the progressives that don't realize who the money will come from, and he has a small majority.

    OCM: honestly? Remove the franchise from anyone under retirement age whose sole source of income is the government. If they can't vote themselves more slop in their troughs, then the promises of more slop in the troughs won't elect creeps who want to tear the country down.

    Given that the majority of those in the inner city (the majority of whom are black or brown) are government funded leeches, it won't happen without screams of "racism!"

  5. No matter how this "problem" is legislated, the folks involved are not going to disappear......

    Now what?

  6. Never said it would--just that my solution would give us the best chance.