Friday, January 6, 2012


I tried to get into my class website to do some pre-semester maintenance, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Wednesday afternoon, I logged into my university email to see if there was anything from the IT people about it, and found that there was: they'd taken over all of the course websites, and they won't be available to the professors until a week before semester starts. Along with that comes the wonderful news that every semester is going to be a new course shell: we can't set up the course and keep it the way we like it, anymore; we'll have to rebuild from scratch every semester.

That can fuck off. I have spent three years getting my courses set up and refining them. The pricks have just thrown that away, without prior notification. (I suppose they didn't notify us beforehand because the last time they did, every professor that taught an online class set up a fuss and shut it down before they could do it.)

They just gave me incentive to work harder on my writing so that I can tell them where they can shove their job. Which sucks, because I love teaching.

Second, spammers can FTFO. I went to sign into my personal email yesterday morning, and found out that I'd been locked out. Apparently, someone had either hacked my account and was using it to send spam, or had used my email address to send spam from. Either way, spammers can FO and die. With cheez. And flames.

Third...well, the third one is one that my guy readers wouldn't want to know about, and is posted on The FFOT blog.


  1. I was going to post a smart ass comment, but my little voice inside my head said, "Please don't piss her off" So I am truly sorry that things have been changed, its not right, I hope your day goes better. ;)

  2. Meh, Rob, I'm really hard to piss off. Stupid people piss me off really easy, but you're not stupid.

    Smart ass comments make me laugh, sometimes with a "I wish I'd thought of that" comment of my own.

  3. Give THEM a 'carbon copy' of your current plan.......

  4. OCM: they'd be impressed, mandate all the teachers use it, and nobody would use it right. Then, they'd come up with something NEW!!! that has to be BETTER!!! and try to force that on everyone.

    I'm going to revise my textbook to be a self-contained course, and email the thing to the students if I'm not permitted to post it. I don't plan to use the provided class website at all, if I can get around it.