Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This is rich...

...coming from the guy that deliberately collapses national economies for fun: the cause of our current economic troubles is unrestrained capitalism, combined with ignorance on the part of some, and evil on the part of others.  From a story from The Blaze:

So you might want to pay attention to a recent story from The Daily Beast that claims George Soros is nervous about the future of the global economy and that he warns of dark things to come.

“At times like these, survival is the most important thing,” Soros said.

As he sees it, the world faces one of the most dangerous periods of modern history—a period of “evil,” writes the Beasts’ John Arlidge. “Europe is confronting a descent into chaos and conflict. In America [Soros] predicts riots in the streets that will lead to a brutal clampdown that will dramatically curtail civil liberties [emphases added]. The global economic system could even collapse altogether.”
Yeah...good luck with that clampdown in the United States, you evil bastard.  You might want to remember why Admiral Yamamoto didn't want to invade the American mainland.

 And don't count on the military to squash the citizens.  There aren't many sympathetic with your politics amongst the rank and file that would be doing the dirty work. All of your sympathizers are amongst the REMFs that can't find their arse with both hands, a map, a navigator, and a GPS system.


  1. I truly hope, for their sake, the general public pays attention....but then again, I'm just dreaming.

  2. Would be nice, Stephen, but it isn't terribly likely. Those that will pay attention are, and those that aren't...will become the Grasshopper in a world far less forgiving than the fable.

    What truly sucks is situations like my cousin's: she is paying attention, and is trying to prep for the worst, and her husband is not only not helping but is actively hindering and making fun of her for paranoia.

    I'm going to be taking her and teaching her how to handle guns safely next week.

  3. Here's a slightly biased graphic comparing Soros to The Koch Brothers

  4. Okay, dude, whatever flips your skirt. You missed a few things about Soros...like how he worked for the Nazis, leading them to other Jews; how he's deliberately toppled economic systems in more than one country; how he's a FREAKIN' SOCIALIST...

    Yeah, he made his own money, but it doesn't mean he's not more evil than the bastards that inherit theirs.

  5. Umm. Be nice to us REMFs. Some of us are on the right side too, and can do some of those infantry like things too. Proud Afghanistan REMF.

  6. OUR expectations are tooooo high!

    DO WE have too much freedom?

  7. TinCan Assassin: I should have specified that not all officers are REMFs I described--those are political appointees.

    OCM: I'm going to write a book review, today. I want to live in the world the author describes. You likely would, too--everything that doesn't actively harm someone else is legal, including recreational pharmaceuticals.

  8. Probably one of the few true statements George Soros has ever made.

  9. Even the devil will tell the truth when it serves his purposes.

  10. That's actually not a legit Yamamoto quote...