Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My mother has had uncontrolled high blood pressure for several years. They got it under control in the hospital, with only one side effect: being so sleepy she can't think straight (informed consent is going to be thankfully fuzzy, considering her attitudes about lifesaving/quality of life improving treatments).

I'm betting that that issue was what has caused the weak spot in the tire wall behind her ear. Which in turn, doctors speculate, has been causing memory/thinking problems, and has been causing vision (and possibly hearing) loss.

The doctors were still doing testing today to figure out the best way to go about fixing the aneurism, but they're confident that they can.

Mom thinks she'll be home in a couple of days. I'm betting it's going to be a week or longer.

I've had an idea or two for a post from musing about Mom's treatment. I likely won't get it written tomorrow, possibly not even the next day. It depends on Mom, and how she's doing.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and kind thoughts. Keep 'em coming, please.


  1. I know it's tough juggling a family and a loved one in the hospital. Stay strong.

  2. Having survived an aneurysm as itself is a very good sign.....

    The mother of my children died at a young (40's) after suffering an

    Keep the faith........

  3. I've not been myself for a few days and have, I see, missed much of the news...I'm so very sorry your mother is ill. I'll add her to my prayers. God bless.

  4. Praying for your mother and the whole family.

  5. Wishing the best for your mom. Times like these try a person in ways they do not think possible.

    I'm hopeful all will turn out well.


  6. Thanks, Mousie, Vilmar. She's doing better.